How do I lodge a Warranty Claim?

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Lodging a warranty claim is a straightforward process once you know the right steps to follow. Here's a simple guide to help you navigate through the process of making a warranty claim:

Step 1: Contact Us Promptly

Get in touch within 14 days. You can reach us in two ways:

Step 2: What You’ll Need to Provide

When you contact us, please have the following information ready:

  • Your full name.
  • The delivery address for the order.
  • Your contact number.
  • Product details of your King Living furniture, such as the product and purchase date.
  • A clear description of the issue you're experiencing.

Step 3: Additional Information May Be Required

To better understand and assess the defect, we may ask for:

  1. Photographs that clearly show the defect.
  2. A written explanation of the defect to accompany your photos.
  3. Further details via phone conversation, if necessary.

Step 4: Follow Our Guidance

We may have some questions or need you to take specific actions to assist with diagnosing the issue. It's crucial to:

  1. Respond promptly to our enquiries.
  2. Follow any instructions given by our team to ensure your claim is processed smoothly.

Step 5: Assessment and Resolution

We will review your claim to determine if it's covered by our warranty, considering whether the issue is due to a defect or wear and tear. Rest assured, we will inform you of the outcome and next steps.


  • Let us know about any issues as soon as possible, within the 14-day window.
  • The more information you can provide, the quicker and more accurately we can help.
  • Quick responses to our enquiries will help speed up your claim.

This guide is designed to make the warranty claim process as easy as possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.



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