How do I protect the fabric on my sofa?

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Every design within the King Fabrics Range undergoes meticulous testing for seam durability, resistance to wear and tear, light colorfastness, and ease for cleaning and maintenance. 

Here are some useful suggestions to preserve and care for your chosen fabric:

1. Promptly clean any fresh spills or stains

Avoiding immediate clean-up of spills or marks can lead to permanent staining. Safeguard your fabric right from the time of delivery to simplify the cleaning process in the event of accidental spills.

2. Utilise a highly absorbent cloth for absorbing spills

The ideal approach to manage accidental spills is to let the cloth absorb as much liquid as possible and then let the fabric air-dry. Avoid dabbing or rubbing as this can drive the liquid deeper into the fabric.

3. Use fabric cleaners designed for your specific fabric

King-Care® cleaning products are formulated to clean, safeguard, and prolong the life of your fabric. Based on the usage of your furniture, apply King-Care® Fabric Cleaner and Protection every 6 to 8 weeks. King-Care® Fabric kits can be obtained from King Living Showrooms or online. Reach out to King-Care® for further details. Click here for contact details.

Avoid cleaning more frequently than suggested, refrain from vigorous rubbing and never drench the fabric. Steer clear of detergents, soaps or any cleaning products not specifically designed for your fabric.

4. Apply KingGuard®+ fabric protection

KingGuard®+ fabric protection is advised for sofas to enhance the lifespan of your furniture.

Even if your fabric furniture is treated with a stain repellent, we still advise regular vacuuming and maintenance. KingGuard®+ Fabric Protection can be applied at your convenience at home, if your fabric requires protection. We highly recommend professional on-site cleaning every 12 - 18 months.

For further details about fabric care, please read our 'How do I care for my King Living fabric?' article.

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