How can I Customise My Sofa Using Magic Joiners?

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Magic Joiners are an innovative solution that allows you to easily reconfigure your sofa without professional help. They enable you to connect and detach different sections of your sofa, providing flexibility to change its layout to fit your needs and space. Follow this easy guide to use Magic Joiners and customise your sofa.

How to Use Magic Joiners

1. Identify Connection Points 

Locate the connection points on the sections of your sofa that you want to join or seperate. These points can be found on the underside or the sides of the sofa pieces. 

2. Attach Magic Joiners 

Align the Magic Joiners with the connection points. Insert the joiners into the designated slots. Ensure they click into place securely to connect the sections firmly. 

3. Reconfigure Your Sofa 

To change the layout, simply detach the Magic Joiners by pressing the release mechanism and pulling sections apart. Rearrange the pieces as desired and reattach the joiners to secure the new configuration. 

4. Ensure Stability 

After reconfiguring, check all the connections to ensure they are secure and stable. 

Compatible Sofa Models

Magic Joiners are designed to work seamlessly with specific King Living sofa models, including: 

  • Jasper: Know for its versatility and modular design, Jasper is perfect for customisations using Magic Joiners. 
  • Delta: With its sleek lines and adaptable sections, Delta can be easily transformed to fit any space. 
  • Felix: This model is an excellent choice for Magic Joiners.

To confirm compatibility with your sofa model, check the product specifications on our website here or consult with a Showroom. 

Additional Customisation Options

Expansive Leg Options for Every Furniture Category

We offer a diverse range of leg options to complement any piece of furniture, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use. Our catalogue includes:

  • Universal Legs: Designed to fit a wide range of furniture, providing a cohesive look throughout your home.
  • Adjustable Legs: Perfect for customising the height of your furniture, ensuring your comfort and adaptability to various surfaces.
  • Fixed Legs: For those who prefer a steady and secure base, fixed legs offer stability and a timeless aesthetic.

Base Types and Steel Frame Options

Our chairs and armchairs are supported by robust base types and steel frame options, ensuring longevity and resilience. Choose from a variety of base designs, including sleek steel frames, to add a modern touch to your seating solutions.

A Spectrum of Colours and Trims

Customising your furniture legs with a wide range of colours and trims is essential in interior design. Whether you prefer classic or bold colours, you can select the ideal shade to match your decor. Our leg options are not just functional, but also add a touch of style, elevating the look of your furniture. 

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