Customise Your Space with Leg Assets and Magic Joiners

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We offer a wide range of leg options and our innovative Magic Joiner system, which allows you to easily transform and customise your furniture. Whether you want to update your living space or make your furniture more practical, we have everything you need.

The Magic of Magic Joiners

Transforming Your Sofa with Ease

Magic Joiners are King Living's revolutionary solution to reconfiguring your sofa layout without the need for professional assistance. These clever devices allow you to easily connect and detach different sections of your sofa, giving you the flexibility to change its arrangement to suit your changing needs and spaces.

Compatible Sofa Models

Not all sofas are created equal, which is why the Magic Joiner system is designed to work seamlessly with specific sofa models. These include popular ranges such as the Jasper, Delta, and Felix, among others. Check the product specifications on our website or consult with our sales team to confirm compatibility with your sofa model.

Expansive Leg Options for Every Furniture Category

Universal, Adjustable, and Fixed Legs

King Living offers a diverse range of leg options to complement any piece of furniture, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use. Our catalogue includes:

Universal Legs: Designed to fit a wide range of furniture, providing a cohesive look throughout your home.

Adjustable Legs: Perfect for customising the height of your furniture, adjustable legs ensure your comfort and the furniture's adaptability to various surfaces.

Fixed Legs: For those who prefer a steady and secure base, fixed legs offer stability and a timeless aesthetic.

Base Types and Steel Frame Options

Our chairs and armchairs are supported by robust base types and steel frame options, ensuring longevity and resilience. Choose from a variety of base designs, including sleek steel frames, to add a modern touch to your seating solutions.

A Spectrum of Colours and Trims

Personalisation is key to interior design, which is why King Living offers an extensive selection of colours and trims for your furniture legs. From classic hues to bold accents, you can select the perfect shade to match your decor. Our leg options are not just functional but also serve as a style statement, elevating the look of your furniture.

Explore our catalogue click here and start reimagining your home with King Living's innovative furniture accessories.

For more information, about how Magic Joiners connect to most modular sofas click here 








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