How to Align Your King Living Recliner Modules

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With King Living’s modular designs, you have the freedom to reconfigure and adapt your living spaces to suit your lifestyle. It’s important to properly align your recliner modules to ensure they look and perform their best.

Understanding the Seams on Your Recliner Modules

The King Cloud V is designed with layers of soft cushioning to maximise your comfort. Due to the plushness of these layers, you might notice that the seams of one recliner module don't perfectly match those of another. This is a natural aspect of its design. However, if the misalignment between recliner modules is significant, it might be because they're not at the same height. You can easily adjust this by tweaking the feet following steps below.

Correcting any misalignments

Step 1: Secure the Sofa Legs

The legs of your recliner modules may not be fully secured into the King Cloud V Joiners, or they may be on an uneven floor, leading to possible misalignment.

  • Extend the footrest of each recliner.
  • Ensure that the sofa legs are thoroughly pushed into the King Cloud V Joiner.
  • If any legs are not fully inserted, apply firm downward pressure on the module seat.


Step 2: Adjust the Recliner Module Feet

If one module is higher or lower than another, the feet of the recliners need to be adjusted.

Follow steps below: 

  1. Switch off each recliner module at the power socket.
  2. Carefully tilt each module until they lay on their backs.
  3. Rotate the legs clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the heights.
  4. Ensure all the legs on the recliner modules are adjusted to an identical and even height.
  5. Carefully lower each recliner module back onto its legs.
  6. Switch on each recliner module at the power socket, verifying they are still connected to power.

Step 3: Contact Customer Service

If the recliner module continues to sit higher or lower than the other modules or the recliner feet cannot be adjusted, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1300 135 464. 






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