How to Refurbish Your King Living Sofa

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Refurbishing your sofa is a straightforward process designed to give your furniture a fresh, new look while maintaining its quality and comfort.

Here's how you can go about it

Step 1: Assess Your Sofa's Condition

Before deciding on refurbishment, evaluate the current state of your sofa. Check for signs of wear and tear, and consider whether you want to update the fabric, leather, or any other components like cushions or legs.

Step 2: Explore Material Options

Visit our King Living Showrooms or browse our online range to explore the wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers we offer. You can also request up to five free swatches to be delivered to your home for a closer look. Discover our Exclusive fabric and Leather selections here 

Step 3: Get a Re-Cover Quote

To get an accurate estimate for your sofa refurbishment, complete our online form here with details about your sofa and the changes you'd like to make.

Step 4: Visit our Showroom 

Once you've received your quote, schedule a consultation with one of our King Living experts to discuss your options in detail. This will help ensure that your refurbished sofa meets your expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Step 5: Confirm and Proceed

After finalising your choices and confirming the quote, our team will provide you with a timeline for the refurbishment process. You can then proceed with the order.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Refurbished Sofa

Once the refurbishment is complete, your sofa will be delivered back to you, ready for you to enjoy its renewed look and feel.





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