How Can I Refurbish My King Living Sofa?

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Refurbishing your sofa is a great way to give your furniture a fresh, new look while maintaining its quality and comfort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1. Assess Your Sofa's Condition

Begin by evaluating your sofa’s current state. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as sagging cushions, worn fabric, or any structural issues. Decide whether you want to update just the upholstery or if you also need to replace cushions, legs, or other components.

Step 2. Choose Your Materials

Explore the wide range of fabrics and leathers available at King Living here. You can visit our showrooms to see and feel the materials in person or browse our online collection. To make your decision easier, you can order up to five free swatches to be delivered to your home.

Step 3. Request a Quote

Complete our online form here with the details of your sofa and the specific changes you’d like to make. This will help us provide you with an accurate quote for the refurbishment.

Step 4. Consult Our Experts

After receiving your quote, schedule a consultation with one of our King Living experts. During this session, you can discuss your material choices, design preferences, and any additional modifications you’d like to make. Our experts will guide you to ensure your refurbished sofa meets your expectations.

Step 5. Confirm Your Order

Once you’ve finalised your choices and agreed on the quote, confirm your order with us. We’ll provide you with a detailed timeline for the refurbishment process so you know what to expect.

Step 6. Refurbishment Process

Our King Care team will begin the refurbishment process, carefully updating your sofa to meet your specifications. Depending on your request, this may involve reupholstering, replacing cushions or inserts or making any necessary repairs required. 

Step 7. Delivery of Your Refurbished Sofa

When the refurbishment is complete, we’ll deliver your updated sofa back to you. You’ll be able to enjoy your refreshed, stylish, and comfortable sofa for many more years to come.






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