How does TouchGlide Technology work?

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TouchGlide® is the innovative technology that drives the King Cloud V and Nimbus V.

With TouchGlide® Technology, achieving your optimal comfort level is effortless. It's as simple as lightly touching a button to adjust the angles of backs, headrests, and footrests.

This technology enables you to smoothly recline and modify the positions of the head, seat, and footrests with just a gentle touch and swipe of a button. Lightly pressing the subtly located buttons alters the angles of the back, head, and leg rests. A quick swipe across the buttons situated on the right-hand side restores the sofa to its original position. To enhance your lounging experience, you can even save your favorite setting tailored to your personal comfort preference.

Watch the video below to see the King Living TouchGlide Technology in action.





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