Why Access Checks are Important Prior to Delivery

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Discovering the significance of access checks can greatly improve your excitement when purchasing new furniture. These checks play a crucial role in guaranteeing that the furniture you have selected can be delivered effortlessly and swiftly to your home, eliminating any possible delivery day challenges.

Here's why they matter and how you can schedule one:

Why Access Checks are Important

Access checks are a proactive step in the delivery process, designed to identify and address any potential obstacles that could impact the delivery of your furniture. This could include narrow doorways, tight turns, staircases, or limited elevator access. By identifying these issues ahead of time, we can ensure that your furniture arrives safely and on schedule, avoiding the stress and disappointment of last-minute delivery complications.

Booking an Access Check

Scheduling an access check is straightforward. During your furniture selection process, your Showroom Consultant will discuss your living situation and assess the need for an access check. If it seems like your delivery might face obstacles, they'll recommend booking one. A small fee applies for this service, covering the comprehensive assessment of your delivery path by our experienced Despatch Team. They will coordinate with you to schedule a convenient time for the check, ensuring the process is as seamless as possible.

What Happens If You Opt Out?

Opting out of an access check is an option, but it's worth considering the potential risks. Without this step, unexpected delivery challenges could arise, potentially leading to delays, the need for last-minute adjustments, or, in some cases, the inability to deliver your furniture as planned. This could mean having to select different furniture that fits your access situation or facing additional charges for special delivery arrangements.

Access checks are a critical step in ensuring a smooth delivery process. They offer peace of mind by addressing any logistical hurdles in advance, ensuring that the arrival of your new furniture is as exciting and stress-free as the selection process. Booking one is easy and can save a lot of time and trouble.

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