Do I need an Access Check and How does it Work?

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Access checks are a critical step in ensuring a smooth delivery process. They offer peace of mind by identifying any issues ahead of time, we can ensure that your furniture arrives safely and on schedule, avoiding the stress and disappointment of last-minute delivery complications.

Why You Should Consider an Access Check 

1. Identify Obstacles

An access check identifies potential physical barriers that could complicate the delivery, such as narrow doorways, tight turns, low ceilings, or inadequate elevator size. This allows the delivery team to prepare appropriate strategies or tools to manage these obstacles effectively.

2. Avoid Damage

Understanding the layout and constraints of your delivery route helps in preventing damage to your property or the new furniture. The team can adopt measures to protect your home and items during the manoeuvring process.

3. Save Time

By anticipating and planning for potential challenges, the delivery process becomes faster and more efficient. This preparation minimises the time spent figuring out logistics on the spot, which can be stressful and time-consuming.

4. Ensure Delivery is Possible

In some cases, if it’s determined that delivery might be impossible or difficult, you can make informed decisions early, such as selecting different furniture or arranging an alternative delivery method.

5. Plan Your Furniture Placement 

It also helps in planning the placement of the furniture in your home. Knowing the dimensions and the access pathways can help you decide in advance where each piece will go, ensuring a quick and organised setup upon delivery.


How the Access Check Works

Step 1. Initial Enquiry

During the purchase process, you may be asked about the layout and access conditions of your delivery address. This includes questions about stairs, elevators, door widths, and any potential obstructions that could affect the delivery.

Step 2. Scheduling the Visit

If any potential access issues are identified, a professional from the delivery team will schedule a visit to your home. This typically occurs before the delivery date to allow adequate time for planning.

Step 3. Conducting the Check

During the visit, our professional will assess your home’s entry points, measure dimensions, and identify any barriers that might hinder a smooth delivery. They will also evaluate the parking and unloading areas.

Step 4. Reporting Findings

The results are reported back to the Delivery Team who plan accordingly, possibly arranging for additional tools or resources.

Step 5. Delivery Day 

The team will execute the plan on the delivery day, using the access check findings to ensure an efficient and safe delivery process.


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