What's used inside King Living sofa cushions?

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At King Living we don't take shortcuts and our cushions are no different.

We only use the latest technology, high resilience CFC-free foams and considered feather blends that will outlast and outperform conventional cushioning.


A soft feather blend is used in special applications for added comfort and a welcoming, casual look and feel. Being a natural product, the feathers are often preferred by customers with specific allergies or chemical sensitivities. All feathers are cleaned and prepared with non-toxic cleaning agents, complying with strict standards which are government certified. Soft feather blend moulds to the shape of the body.


Our soft furnishings are constructed from layers of open-cell Polyurethane, high resilience foams of differing densities and hardness, providing you with relief from allergies by reducing your exposure to dust mites. 

Back cushions

Comprised of either 100% feather, 34% feather and 66% Ultra Down mix or 100% Ultra Down.

Duck covers

These snug covers are made of Japara cotton and sit between the seat or back cushion insert and the cover. 

KingCell® Pocket Springs

Depending on the design, King Living cushioning features KingCell® Pocket Springs, that provide long lasting support and durability. 

For more information about our comfort inserts and covers visit our page here 


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