How do I Care for Timber Veneer?

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Caring for timber is as important as looking after fabrics and leathers. Timber veneer, being a natural material, can have varying grain patterns that add to its individual beauty and character. Each piece looks unique because trees differ from one another.

Timber maintenance tips

For best care of your timber veneer furniture, it's recommended to keep it away from extreme heat and moisture to prevent cracking or warping due to temperature fluctuations.

To preserve the quality of your timber veneer furniture, avoid direct sunlight or ultraviolet light exposure to prevent discolouration or surface damage.

Use protective padding between the timber veneer and any objects placed on it, especially for heavy, hot, or abrasive items that could harm the surface, thicker padding is recommended.

Scratch prevention

To minimise the possibility of scratching the timber veneer, avoid dragging items across the surface. It's also advisable not to write directly on timber veneer surfaces as pen or pencil marks may become visible.

Dealing with spills

In case of any spills, make sure to clean them up quickly. Avoid letting substances such as nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, or strong corrosive solvents touch the timber veneer. Additionally, refrain from using chemicals, detergents, or products with silicon to clean the timber veneer.

To maintain the condition of your timber veneer, regularly and gently dust it with a soft microfibre cloth. You can purchase a microfibre cleaning cloth by clicking here.

For more comprehensive guidance on maintaining your King Living products, we invite you to visit our 'Product Care Advice' page by clicking here.

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