From Coast to Coast, There’s No Sofa Like Jasper Coast

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We’re excited to introduce the Delta Coast Sofa that blends comfort and support to compliment the Australian lifestyle. Inspired by the classic Delta Model, this design is ideal for spaces that prioritise adaptability and can be easily transformed into various customisation options. Discover why Jasper Coast is the perfect choice:

1. Plush Cushions 

Deep Pillowy Seat and Back Cushions: Crafted with a high resilience foam core and King PostureFlex system, the Jasper Coast provides exceptional comfort and support.

2. Flexible Design 

Upholstered or Timber Arms: Choose between SOFT (upholstered) or timber arms to suit your style and preference.

Integrated Technology: Timber arm selections come with wireless charging and integrated lighting, blending functionality with style.

Customisable Edges: Select either taped or piped edges on seat and back cushion covers to match your decor.

3. Modularity and Versatility 

Reversible Cushions: Our reversible seat and back cushions allow for complete modularity, letting you rearrange and refresh your sofa with ease.

Adjustable Platform Skirt: Transition between a loose or fitted cover with our adjustable platform skirt.

4. Durability

25-Year Steel Frame Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our robust steel frame backed by a 25-year warranty.

5. Removable Covers and Inserts 

Machine Washable: Our removable covers are available in Club, Sorrento, and Leura fabrics, which can be easily removed and machine washed, keeping your furniture looking fresh and clean with minimal effort.

Customisable Comfort: Removable inserts let you adjust the comfort level of your cushions by replacing or upgrading the inserts as needed.

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