What Customisation Options Are Available For My 1977 Sofa?

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The 1977 Sofa offers a range of customisation features that allow you to tailor the sofa to your specific style and comfort needs. Here are the key customisable options available for the 1977 Sofa:

Customisation Features of the 1977 Sofa

Fabric and Leather Choices

Fabrics: Choose from exclusive Tempest and Leura fabric collections, which offer a variety of colours and textures to match any decor style. View or order samples here 

Leathers: Opt for premium leathers that provide a luxurious look and feel, adding an element of sophistication to your living space.

Leg Options

Standard Legs: Comes with 45mm universal indoor/outdoor legs with caps, suitable for most flooring types.

Adjustable High Legs: Upgrade to adjustable high legs for a raised profile or to better suit your seating height preferences.

Additional Comfort Options

Universal Bolster Cushion: Add this option for extra lumbar support, enhancing comfort especially for prolonged sitting periods.

1977 Armrest: Include additional armrests for enhanced comfort and functionality, particularly useful in larger seating arrangements. 

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Modular Configuration

Universal Joiners: If you’re looking to expand your sofa or create a unique layout, universal joiners are available to securely connect multiple pieces from the 1977 range, such as chairs, corners, and chaises. This allows for a seamless look and versatile arrangements suited to your living space.

Removable Covers

Tailored Removable Covers: Easily change the covers for cleaning or to update the sofa’s appearance with new colours or materials seasonally or whenever desired.

Benefits of Customisation

Flexibility: The variety of customisation options makes the 1977 Sofa adaptable to changing trends, personal tastes, and functional needs.

Personalisation: Tailor your sofa to reflect your personal style and comfort preferences, ensuring it perfectly fits within your home environment.

Longevity: By having options like removable and washable covers, you can maintain the sofa’s appearance and hygiene, thereby extending its life.

Comfort and Support: With additional features like bolster cushions and various leg options, you can enhance the ergonomic support and overall comfort of your seating experience.




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