Troubleshooting Guide for King Cloud V Recliner

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No Motion in the Footrest / Headrest 

Check All Power Outlet Connections ensuring power is switched on.

Steps to Resolve

1. Check Power Connection

Verify the power connection at the wall or power board is plugged in and receiving power. Try turning the power off and then on again.

2. Inspect the Transformer

Follow the wiring to the transformer and check if the transformer has a green light.

3. Check Wiring

Ensure the wiring is connected at the back of the recliner.

4. Check Dual Motor Control (DMC) Status

If all connections are secure and there is power, check if the DMC is flashing blue under the recliner.

Footrest Not Opening or Closing 


Check for Obstructions

Make sure nothing is interfering with the footrest. Infrared sensors located between the front legs will detect any obstacles blocking the pathway. 

Check for Lumps or Folds

Ensure there are no lumps or folds in the carpet or rug underneath the footrest.

Steps to Resolve

1. Power Off the Recliner

Turn off the recliner from the power source for a minimum of 15 minutes before continuing.

2. Discharge the Power 

Run your hand over the buttons to discharge power out of the system while the power is off.

3. Reset the Recliner

Hold down buttons 1 and 4 (the first and last buttons) together for a total of 30 seconds.

If the lounge begins to move, do not obstruct it. It is automatically resetting to the default position.

3. Additional Reset Step

After the initial 30 seconds, hold down button 3 from the front of the chair for an additional 30 seconds.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve any concerns with your King Cloud V Recliner.

If problems persist, please contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance.





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