Understanding Your Battery Pack: Usage, Charging, and Compatibility Guide

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Let's break down the battery life, charging capabilities, and usage details for each specific product compatible with the Battery Pack:

Compatible Models with Battery Pack 1800

  • LEON Recliner Chair
  • King Cloud III & V
  • Nimbus
  • Reo II Recliners

LEON Recliner Chair

The LEON Recliner Chair supports the optional Battery Pack 1800, which enhances the chair’s mobility and convenience, although it is not included in the base price. The battery is designed to be discreetly housed in the RHS arm zip-pocket. It typically provides power for the recliner mechanism for between 1 week and 10 days, with a weekly recharge recommended regardless of usage levels. When using smart accessories, it's best to connect them to mains power as using the battery reduces its operational time significantly.

When to Recharge: The chair will beep for 1 minute when it's time to recharge; this alert repeats every 24 hours. Additionally, a noticeable slowdown in the reclining motion will indicate that the battery is low. It is recommended to recharge the battery weekly, regardless of how much it has been used, to maintain optimal performance.

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King Cloud III & V

King Cloud III, requires a separate battery for each electric motion seat module—e.g. a 3-seater requires three batteries. These are connected beneath the sofa, ideally towards the back to avoid interfering with the mechanics. The battery lifespan ranges from 1 to 2 weeks, but weekly charging is advised. Similar to the LEON, using the battery for smart accessories like charging tables and sofa lights is not recommended, as it considerably shortens the battery's effective operating time.

When to Recharge: Like the LEON, the King Cloud III will alert you with a beep when the battery needs recharging. The slowing of the recliner mechanism is also an indicator that the battery is running low. Regular weekly charging is advised to keep the battery functioning effectively, even if it hasn’t fully depleted.

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Nimbus recliners also require one battery per electric motion seat module, with batteries ideally positioned under the sofa to ensure seamless operation of the reclining mechanism. The batteries facilitate the furniture's placement away from direct power sources, typically lasting 1 week to 10 days with a recommendation for weekly recharging. If smart accessories are used, they should be powered via mains electricity to preserve the battery’s charge for its primary function.

When to Recharge: Recharging is needed when you hear a beeping alert or notice a reduction in the speed of motion of the recliner. To ensure that the battery maintains its health and efficiency, a weekly recharge is recommended, regardless of the extent of use.

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Reo II Recliners

The Reo II Recliners are compatible with the Battery Pack 1800, which can be installed either in the smart pocket or under the arm for models without smart features, allowing for a clean, wire-free setup. The battery life usually spans 1 week to 10 days but can extend up to three weeks under minimal use. Regular weekly charging helps maintain this performance level. For optimal operation, especially when using smart accessories, it is advisable to use mains power to avoid rapid depletion of the battery.

When to Recharge: The Reo II will provide a beeping sound to alert you when the battery requires recharging, which will repeat every 24 hours until the battery is charged. The recliner's motion becoming slower is also a clear signal that the battery level is low. Weekly recharging helps preserve the battery’s longevity and ensures reliable operation.

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Models Not Compatible with Battery Packs

  • FELIX (Studio Smart bed or Sofa)
  • REOGRAND Electric Recliners



























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