Simplifying Warranty Claims for our Trade Partners

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We are always working to strengthen our partnership and make things easier for both our trade partners and customers. We've introduced a simpler way to handle warranty claims that will benefit you and your clients.

This new process is designed to not only simplify the warranty claim process but also to reinforce the trust and confidence our clients have in purchasing King Living products.

Warranty Authorisation Form

Our Trade Client - Warranty Authorisation Form is not a traditional warranty transfer; rather, it's an authorisation from you, allowing your clients to engage directly with King Living's warranty services. This approach ensures that King Living maintains the original warranty terms, upholding our commitment to quality and service.

How It Works

1. Click here to access the Trade Warranty Authorisation Form.

2. Complete and Submit with the necessary details of the trade client order. 

3. Once submitted, your client can directly contact us for any warranty-related issues, bypassing the need for you to act on their behalf. 

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Benefits for Trade Partners

For you as a trade partner, this offers flexibility and ease in managing client relationships, providing an added benefit to your customer service offerings. Your clients, on the other hand, gain the reassurance of having direct access to our dedicated customer service team, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle any warranty services.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our dedicated Trade Commercial Team is here to help.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in King Living.


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