Caring for Your Timber Veneer Furniture

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Timber veneer retains the natural beauty and grain pattern of the wood it comes from. This means that each piece of timber veneer furniture can have a unique appearance due to the variations in wood grain, colour, and texture. This characteristic is prized in King Living furniture as it provides the aesthetic qualities of solid wood but with a more environmentally friendly footprint. 

By following these simple care instructions, you can preserve the natural beauty and functionality of your King Living timber veneer furniture for years to come.

1. Are you dusting regularly? 

The first step in caring for your timber veneer furniture is gentle dusting. Use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe the surface. This regular upkeep helps in preserving the aesthetic appeal of the timber.

2. Is your furniture exposed to heat? 

Be mindful of where you place your timber veneer furniture. Exposure to excessive heat or humidity can be detrimental, potentially causing the veneer to crack or warp due to expansion and contraction. To prevent this, avoid placing furniture near heat sources or in overly humid areas.

3. Where is your furniture positioned? 

Direct sunlight or ultraviolet light can fade and deteriorate the timber surface. Position your furniture away from direct sun exposure to prevent discolouration and maintain the integrity of the veneer.

4. How is your furniture protected?

To safeguard your furniture, use protective padding, especially when placing heavy, hot, or abrasive objects on it. Coasters are recommended for glassware to avoid surface damage and watermarks. 

5. How do you minimise scratches? 

Scratches can mar the beauty of timber veneer. To minimise this risk, avoid dragging objects across the surface. Also, refrain from writing directly on the veneer, as pen or pencil marks can be difficult to remove.

6. Are you cleaning spills straight away? 

Clean spills immediately to prevent staining or damage. Be cautious with products like nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, or corrosive solvents, as they can harm the timber surface.

7. Cleaning Dos and Don'ts

When cleaning timber veneer, avoid chemicals, detergents, or products containing silicon. Stick to a lightly dampened cloth for cleaning and immediately dry the surface with a soft cloth.



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