Frequently Asked Questions about Storage

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Q. What is the delivery timeframe after my items have been in storage?

A. The delivery window is set at 14 days starting from the initially projected delivery date.

Q. What should I check when my order is delivered?

A. When you receive your order post-storage, it's critical to examine it carefully. The warranty takes effect once you take possession of your order. It is your duty to carefully examine the complete order once it's delivered to the storage facility. If you spot any damage, you must report it within 14 days. If any issues are discovered at a later date, the responsibility lies with you if the items were not initially inspected. 

Q. Who is responsible for the items after they leave storage?

A. Once your items leave King Living's storage facility, you assume responsibility for their condition. If issues are found later without an initial inspection, the responsibility is yours.

Q: How should I report any damages upon delivery?

A. Document any damages on the delivery report (Radaro) or communicate them to the King Living Despatch Team via email within 14 days.

Q. Where can I find detailed information about my warranty and purchase?

A. For a full understanding, please review the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" here 

Q. What happens if I'm unable to accept delivery within the 14-day window?

A. For fully paid orders, you'll need to arrange delivery to a storage facility of your choice at your expense. King Living is not liable once delivered to your selected facility. For unpaid or unattended orders, King Living may cancel the sale, resulting in the loss of your deposit or full payment for clearance items.

Q. Can King Living assist if I need a storage solution?

A. Yes, King Living may provide assistance in finding a storage solution for a maximum of 4 weeks only. 

Q. What are the consequences of non-compliance with the delivery process?

A. Non-compliance may lead to the loss of your deposit or full payment, especially in the case of clearance items. King Living may allow repurchase later at full price, excluding any forfeited deposit.

Q. How can I get additional help with Storage and Delivery options?

A. For more information or assistance, please fill out a general enquiry form here and our customer service team will help you.



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