Troubleshooting Guide for King Cloud II & III

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Footrest Not Opening or Closing due to Infra Red Safety Sensor 

Check for Obstructions

The built-in Infrared (IR) sensors are designed to detect any obstructions underneath the recliner to ensure your safety. 

Step 1: Deactivate the Infrared Sensors

Ensure there is nothing underneath the recliner.

Look for shoes, toys, rug folds or piles, or any other objects that could trigger the Infrared sensors, that are located at bottom of the mechanism. 

Reset the Controls

Step 1: Power Off the Recliner

Turn off the recliner from the power source.

Wait for a minimum of 15 minutes before continuing.

Step 2: Discharge the Power

Run your hand over the buttons to discharge power from the system while the power is off.

Step 3. Ensure the power is plugged back on 

Step 4. Sit in the recliner without putting pressure on the footrest, as it has a weight limitation.

Step 5: Press Buttons 1 and 4 Together

Press and hold Buttons 1 and 4 together for 20 seconds.

Step 6: Press Button 3

Press and hold Button 3 for 15 seconds.

Count the seconds accurately. (e.g., "1001, 1002...") to ensure full seconds.

Step 7: Check the Footrest

If the footrest retracts into place, the issue is resolved.

If the Problem Persists

Contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance or to arrange a service visit.

Warranty Service: If your product is under warranty or extended warranty, a technician will be arranged at no charge.

Out of Warranty: If your product is out of warranty, a service call fee is applicable. 


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