King Cloud II & III: Footrest Not Retracting

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Issue: The footrest on King Cloud II or III is not retracting.

Cause: The built-in Infrared (IR) sensors, designed for safety to detect any obstructions underneath. 

Steps to Resolve

Step 1. Check Under the Recliner: Ensure there is nothing underneath the recliner, including shoes, toys, rug folds, or any other objects, which could trigger the IR sensors.

Step 2. Deactivate the IR Sensors

Important: Confirm the area under the footrest is completely clear.

Positioning: Sit in the recliner without putting pressure on the footrest, as it has a weight limitation.

Resetting the Controls

Step 1. Press Buttons 1 and 4 together for 20 seconds. Button 1 is near the headrest, and Button 4 is near the footrest.

Step 2: Press Button 3 (next to Button 4 at the footrest end) for 15 seconds.

Timing: Count the seconds accurately (e.g., "1001, 1002...") to ensure full seconds.

Check the Result

If the footrest retracts, the issue is resolved.

If the footrest does not retract, further assistance is required.

If the Problem Persists

  1. Contact King Living
    • If your product is under warranty or extended warranty, a technician will be arranged at no charge.
    • If your product is out of warranty, a service call fee will be required.
  2. Repair Scope
    • A service includes checking and repairing electrical components, Infrared sensors, wiring, and buttons.
    • Note: This does not cover the mechanism or motors. If repairs to these parts are required, King Living will provide a quote for the parts and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

For any further assistance or to arrange a service visit, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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