A Guide to Caring for Your Seat and Back Cushions

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Over time, your King Living sofa will naturally develop a soft, lived-in appearance, which is all part of its charm. This guide aims to help you care for your seat and back cushions to ensure they provide years of comfort and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Regular Rotation for Even Wear

To achieve a consistent look and feel, we recommend rotating your loose seat and back cushions regularly. This simple practice helps distribute wear evenly, ensuring your cushions age gracefully.

Special Care for Feather Cushions

If your sofa has feather cushions, they will require a bit more attention. The high-quality feather blend in King Living cushions is channeled, much like a superior bed doona. You may notice channel lines on the surface of some fabrics or leathers, which is a normal characteristic of our soft feather blend cushioning.

Plumping Up for Shape and Comfort

Both our feather and exclusive Ultradown® filled cushions need to be "plumped up" to maintain their shape and neat appearance. Gently pat the seat fillings towards the centre and fluff the back cushions regularly. 

The Advantage of Removable Covers

One of the unique features of King furniture is the removable, tailored covers. These covers can be easily be removed and replaced, giving your furniture a fresh new look whenever you desire.

Why Choose Removable Covers?

Our use of Velcro® fasteners, hidden beneath the furniture base, allows for easy and professional removal and replacement of covers. If you're interested in ordering replacement covers, our King-Care® team is here to assist you.

Cleaning Your Covers

King Living uses only premium fabrics and luxurious leathers designed for durability. For spot cleaning, please refer to our specific guidelines for leather and fabric. If your furniture needs a more thorough cleaning, don't hesitate to contact King-Care® for assistance.

Taking proper care of your seat and back cushions ensures that you'll enjoy the comfort and luxury of your King Living furniture for many years to come. For any further questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to our King-Care® team.


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