How Do I Use Universal Joiners to Join the Modules of My 1977 Sofa?

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Using Universal Joiners to connect the modules of your 1977 Sofa is easy. Imagine you have two sofa modules (Module 1 and Module 2) that you want to connect side by side.

Tips for Easy Installation

  • Before securing the joiners, double-check that all modules are correctly aligned to prevent any gaps or misalignment.
  • Use the proper tools: A screwdriver that fits the screws properly will make the job easier and prevent damage to the screws or joiners.
  • Take your time to ensure each joiner is correctly placed and secured. Rushing the process can lead to improper connections. 

Key Features of the Universal Joiner

  • Made from high-quality plastic, designed for durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • The user-friendly design ensures quick and straightforward installation. 
  • Crafted with precision, it ensures a seamless and robust connection between modules, enhancing stability and longevity.

Steps to Join Modules

Here’s how simple it is to join the modules for yourself:

1. Preparing the Modules

Place the modules in the desired configuration on a flat surface. Usually, two joiners are used per module. For configurations involving a chaise, only one joiner is needed at the back.

Ensure that all legs of the modules are properly aligned.

2. Locating the Joiner Holes

Each module has designated holes for the joiners. Familiarise yourself with the hole positions:

Front Legs: Use Holes A-G.

Back Legs: Use Holes A-E for corners and A-D for other configurations.

3. Inserting the Joiners

Take a Universal Joiner and align it with the appropriate holes on the first module. For most connections, you’ll use two joiners per module, but for a chaise, you’ll only need one joiner at the back.

    • Corner to Corner: Use Holes A-G for the front legs and Holes A-E for the back legs.
    • Corner to Chair/Chaise: Use Holes A-E.
    • Chair/Chaise to Chair/Chaise: Use Holes A-D or A-E. Note that the chaise has a single connection point, requiring just one joiner at the back.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 11.31.11 am.png

4. Securing the Joiners

Once the joiner is aligned with the holes, insert and tighten the screws to secure the joiner in place. Ensure the joiner is firmly attached, providing a stable connection between the modules.

5. Repeat for All Modules

Repeat the process for all modules you wish to join, ensuring each joiner is securely fastened.

Final Check

After all joiners are in place and secured, give the connected modules a gentle push to ensure they are firmly joined and stable.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team. We're here to help.


















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