Improving Alignment of Modular Pieces

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King Living’s modular furniture, recognised globally for their unique design and flexibility, is much more than an aesthetic addition to your home; they are embodiments of a modern lifestyle, adapting to your ever-changing needs and preferences. The modularity and reconfigurability of these pieces sometimes lead to minor gaps and alignment irregularities.

Here is a guide on how to handle these minor issues, keeping your furniture looking its best at all times.

Understanding Modular Furniture

Unlike traditional fixed furniture, modular pieces are designed for adaptability. They can be reconfigured to suit different aesthetics and fit into different spaces. This level of customisation allows your furniture to evolve with your lifestyle, providing a fresh look without the need to buy new pieces.

Aligning Your King Living Furniture

While traditional fixed furniture pieces may show fewer alignment irregularities, they come with the limitation of being inflexible and static. On the other hand, King Living modular furniture, have minor gaps and misalignments as a natural outcome of their inherent design. These can often be rectified easily, and occasionally they self-adjust over time as the furniture settles into your environment and usage patterns.

Improving Alignment: Tips and Tricks

  1. Adjusting Covers: King Living furniture often incorporates features like Velcro-fastened covers. In case of slight misalignment, simply loosen the Velcro and shift the cover until you achieve the desired alignment. This can make a considerable difference in the appearance and comfort of your furniture, especially for pieces like the Plaza backs.

  2. Swapping Pieces: With modular designs like the Jasper arms or backs, try swapping pieces around. This action can not only provide a fresh look but can also help improve alignment. The beauty of modular furniture lies in this versatility to interchange and rearrange, adapting to your taste and space.

  3. Massaging Cushions: Soft cushioning forms an integral part of King Living's comfort-centric designs. Over time, cushion fillings may shift, causing the appearance of irregularities or misalignment. Massaging the soft cushions can help redistribute the fillings evenly, improving the alignment and enhancing the overall comfort.

Every piece of King Living furniture is unique and tells a story of personalisation and evolution over time. We hope these tips help you in enhancing your King Living experience. 





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