Unique Characteristics of Your King Living Modular Sofa

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Our truly modular designs allow you to experience the ease of reinventing your space without the hassle and expense of buying new furniture.

This flexibility comes from ingeniously designed modules that can be customised in different ways, suiting your changing lifestyle and preferences. However, this design philosophy brings with it unique features that differentiate our furniture from ordinary, fixed pieces.

Understanding Minor Gaps and Misalignment

When you combine handcrafted modular pieces to create your perfect seating arrangement, you may notice minor gaps or line disparities. These slight irregularities are inherent to the design of customisable, modular furniture, highlighting its adaptability and flexibility. They distinguish King Living products from typical, fixed pieces, which may show fewer alignment irregularities but lack the versatility our products offer.

Over time, the soft components of your King Living sofa will adjust to your home's environment, often reducing or eliminating minor gaps between cushions, giving your furniture a more settled look.

Easy Solutions 

For any apparent misalignments or gaps, rest assured, they can often be easily rectified. Here's how:

  1. Adjusting Covers: Our Plaza Backs, for instance, are designed with Velcro attachments. By loosening the Velcro and shifting the covers slightly, you can address minor alignment issues.

  2. Swapping Pieces: With modular pieces like Jasper arms or backs, you can easily swap pieces around to find the best alignment for your living space.

  3. Massaging Soft Cushioning: Gently massaging the soft components of your sofa can also help in realigning and reducing any gaps or misalignments.



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