King Living Cushions: Designed for Comfort and Easy Care

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King Living designs cushions with a focus on softness, luxury, and durability. Our cushion features and care techniques ensure that your furniture maintains its pristine appearance and comfort for years to come. 

Key Design Features

  1. Lived-in Look: Our cushions naturally adapt to a lived-in look, which can easily be streamlined with minimal care, a signature feature of King Living furniture.
  2. Ultradown Cushion Fill: We developed Ultradown, a blend of feathers and fibres, to provide an ideal balance of softness and bounce-back capability, maintaining your desired look and feel.
  3. Cushion Settling: Cushions require time to settle and adjust their shape, conforming to your body's contours. This provides personalised support and exceptional comfort. Most King Living cushions and platforms can be rotated to ensure even use and extended lifespan. 
  4. Back Cushion Maintenance: Back cushions, especially those with feather fill, may contort under pressure. Regular plumping and fluffing up to evenly distribute the feathers, helps maintain their shape.  

Easy Cushion Care

Back Cushions

    • Symmetric Jasper back cushion bolster allows for easy rotation, promoting even use.
    • Modular design enables simple cushion swapping and rotation.

Seat Cushions

    • Upholstery covers on all sides facilitate 360-degree rotation, unlike ordinary furniture with stapled or partially-covered cushions.
    • Seat cushions can be rotated interchangeably, supporting even use and prolonging their lifespan.
    • Tailored covers can be adjusted and replaced easily as soft components adjust over time.
    • Our seat cushions are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, featuring multiple layers of foam and a core of KingCell pocket springs. 
    • Dome-shaped seat cushions reduce stress on the cover, allowing it to relax during use and enhance both comfort and longevity.

King Living's commitment to exceptional design and quality ensures your cushions remain comfortable and easy to maintain, providing a luxurious experience for years to come.

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