How can I lodge a warranty claim and how will it be honoured?

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Lodging a Claim

1. Identify the defect and provide the necessary information below:

    • Your name
    • Order delivery address
    • Your phone number
    • King Living product details
    • Detailed description of the defect

2. Notify Us within 14 days of noticing the defect

3. Provide Photos and Detailed Information

To help us assess your claim effectively, you may be asked to provide:    

    • Photographic evidence of the defect.
    • A written explanation of the issue.
    • Additional information over the phone, if required.
    • Throughout the process, we may need further details to accurately diagnose the issue. Responding promptly to any requests, will expedite the claim and ensure a smooth resolution. 

How Your Claim Will be Honoured

Upon receiving all necessary information, we'll evaluate your claim to determine its validity. If your claim is approved, here's how we'll make things right:

    • We might replace the defective product or provide an equivalent one. The original item will then become property of King Living.
    • We may choose to repair the defective product.
    • In some cases, we'll cover the cost of acquiring an equivalent product or the repair costs.

Considerations for Electronics and Motion Components

For issues related to recliner electronics or motion components, we offer replacement, repair, or cost coverage options similar to those above.

Components replaced under this warranty may vary in colour and texture compared to the original, and such variations are not considered defects. Any repair or replacement under this warranty is limited to the defective component only


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