Viva Leather Rebrands to Origin Leather

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Viva Leather proudly rebranded to Origin Leather, reflecting the brand's commitment to sourcing its materials exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. This change not only emphasises the brand's Australian heritage but also highlights its dedication to quality and sustainability. In this article, we will explore the updated product description, swatches, and what this rebrand means for you.

Product Description

Origin Leather is a luxurious top grain corrected leather, made in Italy from hides sourced exclusively across Australia and New Zealand. Boasting a full-bodied thickness, double that of most leathers, Origin Leather is both hard-wearing and soft to the touch. The drum-dying process ensures that the colour permeates through the entire hide, while buffing and printing provide a uniform finish. This premium leather showcases the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and comfort.

Features of Origin Leather

  • Top grain corrected leather
  • Made in Italy
  • Sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand
  • Drum dyed 
  • Superior thickness and performance 


Updated Swatches

As part of the rebrand, the swatch names and colours have also been updated. The new swatches include:

 New Origin Colours 

VIVA name  New ORIGIN name 
Viva Panna  Esperance Sand 
Viva Creme Ghost Gum 
Viva Silver  Silver Eucalypt 
Viva Java  Tasman Haze
Viva Cameo  Leatherwood
Viva Chestnut  Pindan Red 
Viva Cafe Wollemi Bark 
Viva Romano  Grampian Grey 
Viva Expresso  Grass Tree
N/A Leura Teal *New 

Daintree Green *New

The rebrand from Viva Leather to Origin Leather signifies a renewed commitment to quality and sustainability, while also paying homage to the brand's Australian heritage. By sourcing hides exclusively from Australia and New Zealand, Origin Leather ensures that our customers continue to enjoy a luxurious product with a focus on durability and comfort.

Origin Leather offers an unparalleled combination of quality, craftsmanship, and beauty for your home furnishings. By choosing this luxurious material, you are investing in a timeless product that will bring comfort, style, and durability to your living spaces. Explore the world of Origin Leather and discover the endless possibilities it offers for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Explore the new swatches and experience the refined elegance of Origin Leather for your home furnishings here 





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