Lume Light Troubleshooting tips

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If the Lume Light is not powering on or having dimming issues, check the following:  

1. No power or not flashing

Make sure the light is connected to power. If it doesn't flash when connected, ensure the light head is fully attached to the arm and the arm is connected to the power socket. Check if the transformer is on and the DC (Direct Current) connectors are connected.

2. Gesture control issues

Check the gesture control sensor, which uses optical and infrared sensors to detect on/off/dimming gestures. Ensure your gestures are controlled at a moderate pace, as the sensor won't respond to very fast or slow movements.

3. Sensor area placement

Ensure the sensor area is 15cm from the light head [dark sensor area]. The on/off function works better around the half way point, while dimming works best at the edges of this sensor area.

4. Any obstructions

Make sure there are no objects or sources of interference near the sensor area that could affect its functionality.

5. Reset the light

If the issue persists, try resetting the light by disconnecting it from power for a few seconds, then reconnecting it.

Lume Smart Light

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, reach out to our Customer Support Team on 1300 135 464 for further assistance.

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