How do you lodge a 30 Day Mattress Warranty Claim?

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In order to make a 30 Day Mattress Warranty Claim, you, the customer, must notify King Customer Service within 30 days after the delivery of the Mattress by either: 

  1. Calling 1300 135 464 OR
  2. Clicking link here 

When making your claim under the 30 Day Mattress Warranty you must provide:

  • your name;

  • order delivery address;

  • your phone number;

  • King Living product details;

  • date of purchase;

  • reason for claiming under this 30 Day Mattress Warranty.

Once notification is received by King Living, a representative of King Customer Service team will help determine whether your warranty claim is valid, and if it is, will inform you how King Living will honour it.

During the process, King Customer Service may, before providing the warranty service, require that you respond to reasonable questions for the purpose of determining your eligibility under the 30 Day Mattress Warranty. You must respond to all requests promptly. 

King Living reserves the right in its absolute discretion to determine whether you are eligible for a claim under the 30 Day Mattress Warranty.

For Disclaimer and Limitations on Disclaimer please visit our Warranty page here

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