Frequently Asked Questions - Operating your King Cloud V

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Why doesn't my recliner module respond when I touch a button? 


Why does one recliner module sit higher or lower than another recliner module? 


Why won't the footrest of my recliner module close? 

To ensure safety for small children and pets, the footrest is fitted with infra red sensors which may be triggered and not allow the footrest to close.

The IR sensors are a safety feature and not a fault of the product. If the safety system detects an object under the footrest, the footrest will not close. This is in accordance with safety standards, in case a child or pet are under the footrest. Once triggered they will not retract.




Detected an obstruction? 

If the recliner won't close, there might be something blocking the Infrared safety sensor. Clear any obstacles before using it again.



Do not sit on the footrest when it is open and reclined/extended. Maximum weight limit is 15kg. Always retract the footrest before standing up.



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